Ánima = SOUL

The individual acts as an intermediary with the social world while the soul does so with the inner world. Through several artistic resources, we aim to provide support for people going through situations of vulnerability, discrimination, or disadvantage. We aim to open a channel that will allow them to express their issues and to reconstruct a life in which they may experience catharsis and find a way to cope with social, cultural, and health related issues, promoting human and social development.


We are a group of young people from different social and work spheres who have come together in order to complement the vision of this project through fine arts. We want to turn our group’s weaknesses into strengths that will develop and fuel their inner force, and help them create and expose different issues through art.


Our search does not end with the subject, we are as interested in the process as much as in the result, since we aim to have an impact on their immediate circumstances, improving their quality of life and facilitating the reintegration of marginalized people back into society.
The final piece, which will result from a collaboration with artists and professionals, will benefit –like all art– from the public’s feedback in an exhibition, promoting a further sense of value and a new experience in their psyche and their life.

Our Sectors

Our work encompasses children, young people, women, and the elderly. Art knows no boundaries, tongues, age, or gender; it is a uniform, universal language that allows every one of us to find enjoyment and become sensitized. Each project is tailored to the needs and circumstances of the target group.
Our programs are created not only on the basis of artistic techniques; they are also approached through positive cognitive psychology so as to address these issues through a comprehensive model.

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