Lazdao  from animaars

Through a filmmaking workshop, patients will write stories and share experiences that will result in a sort film. Each child will be able to participate and converge in a common idea, unifying what makes them different and finding unexpected strengths in their very vulnerabilities.

Treatise on Instants from animaars

Photography project in which girls and young women who have been rescued from sexual slavery and forced labor are taught about the importance of images as a way of expressing oneself, as well as several techniques and styles of photography. At the end of the workshop, participants will collaborate with professional photographers in order to portray the feelings, ideas, or stories that the young women have developed during the workshop.

Extracts of Communion from animaars

Hyper-realistic sculpture project that aims to work with children and women who have been victims of domestic violence in order to gain a better understanding of empathy and communication within communities affected by domestic violence. This way we aim to acknowledge how we see ourselves and how we would like to be. The final piece will be made up of all these masks in a large-scale, itinerant sculpture.


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